One Lite Connected Thermostat

Control your Daikin ductless system with this friendly and familar controller.

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Adjust temperature and modes with dedicated buttons

Press the mode button,
to switch between cooling
heating, auto, and off.

Press the dedicated up and down
buttons to activate heating or cooling.


Set a schedule so the temperature
automatically adjusts to your routine.

A schedule may be set for each day of the week. Schedule recurs every week.
You may schedule up to four events per day—morning, day, evening, and night.


Save energy and money when you’re away.

Working with your One Home Mobile App, the One Lite connected  thermostat knows when you’ve left home, and automatically reduces heating & cooling to conserve energy.

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Download the homeowner guide to get an overview of your One Lite conected thermostat,
and watch how-to videos to learn more about the main features.

Homeowner Guide

Adding Device

Reconnecting to Wi-Fi

Geo-fencing Feature

Away Feature


One Lite is available in two configurations.

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Wall-mounted Ductless Products
S21 protocol

Ceiling-mounted Ductless Products
S21 + P1P2 protocols

Daikin One family of products

One Home Mobile App

Monitor and control your HVAC system from across the room, or from across the country. Compatible with all Daikin One thermostats.

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The first smart thermostat to offer full two-way communications

with Daikin HVAC systems.


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One Touch 

Sleek, modern, and minimalist controller for Daikin One systems.


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Our Daikin Comfort Pros are always on call to assist you with quotes, maintenance, repairs and anything else you would need. Get started with us by using our dealer locator and connect with an expert now.


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