One+ Smart Thermostat

The first smart thermostat to offer full two-way communications with Daikin HVAC systems.

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Turn the dial to adjust temperature.

Simply walk up to the thermostat and turn the dial to adjust the temperature.

Light Pipe

Lights show whether it’s cooling or heating.

The light pipe glows orange for heating, and blue for cooling. It can also be turned off completly if you prefer.

Home Screen

Adjust temperature and modes from the home screen.

Tap the mode icon to switch between
cooling, heating, auto, and off.

Drag the set point above the current indoor temperature
to activate heating, or below to activate cooling.


Set a schedule so the temperature
automatically adjusts to your routine.

The schedule clearly lists up to six events per day and is easily customized.


Save energy and money when you’re away.

Working with your One Home Mobile App, the One Plus smart thermostat knows when you’ve left home, and automatically reduces heating & cooling to conserve energy.

Air Quality

Monitor indoor air quality.

Your thermostat can measure and display indoor air quality indexes.
Display an estimate based on filter runtime, or get more accurate readings
from the optional One Home Air Monitor.

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Download the homeowner guide to get an overview of your One Plus smart thermostat,
and watch how-to videos to learn more about the main features.

Homeowner Guide

Features Overview

Account Creation

Geo-fencing Feature

Configuring Schedules

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Away Feature

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One Plus is available in two configurations.

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Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat with Adapter for Ductless Products
S21 + P1P2 protocols

Daikin One family of products

One Home Mobile App

Monitor and control your HVAC system from across the room, or from across the country.

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One Touch 

Sleek, modern, and minimalist controller for Daikin One systems.


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One Cloud Services

Monitor and manage all of your customers' Daikin systems in one place.


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One Home Air Monitor

The One Home Air Monitor detects, visualizes, and supports action
to help you improve the indoor air quality within your space.


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Where to Buy

Our Daikin Comfort Pros are always on call to assist you with quotes, maintenance, repairs and anything else you would need. Get started with us by using our dealer locator and connect with an expert now.


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