Daikin One Cloud Services

Monitor and manage all of your customers' Daikin systems in one place.

Business Growth

Daikin One Cloud Services: Value-added features, such as continuous monitoring and preventive maintenance, that help provide new opportunities and increase homeowner loyalty.

Cloud Commissioning

Save time and improve quality of service by commissioning remotely, using standardized system profiles.

Remote Monitoring

View customers’ Daikin system information 24/7, including alerts, temperature, humidity, heat and cool demand, both in real time and historically.

Remote Diagnostics

Reduce truck rolls and length of service visits by remotely diagnosing problems, adjusting system settings prior to dispatch, resulting in reduced costs while increasing homeowner peace of mind and satisfaction.

Connected through the Cloud

Daikin One Cloud Services combines a cloud-based web portal and mobile app that puts the power of information into your hands, allowing you to provide your customers with high levels of service and greater peace of mind than ever before.

Your customers will appreciate the peace of mind they get from knowing that you are able to keep their systems running efficiently without intruding on their home or lifestyle.

With Daikin One Cloud Services enabled on your customers' systems:

  • What kind of new revenue could you generate?
  • How many truck rolls could you eliminate?
  • What kind of cost reductions could you see?
  • What would your customer think of a contractor who could see how their system was operating remotely, diagnose a problem without sending a technician into their home, and make system adjustments without intrusion?

Here's how to get started if you're already a Daikin Comfort Pro:
  1. You will need the 6-digit pin code from the email sent to all Daikin Comfort Pros from daikinone.support@daikincomfort.com to register. If you cannot locate this pin code, ask your Daikin sales representative for assistance, or call 1-855-DAIKIN1, option 1.
  2. Register your company on the Daikin One Cloud Services site by clicking on the link below
  3. Invite your customers to allow you to monitor their systems - your first two customers are at no charge, allowing you a chance to evaluate how best to utilize the tool inside your business.
  4. Talk to your Daikin sales representative if you have any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no charge or obligation for current Daikin Comfort Pros to register to provide Cloud Services to their customers. Simply follow the instructions to set up your account in Cloud Services if you are already a Daikin Comfort Pro.

If you are not yet a Daikin Comfort Pro, join the program now.

Become a Pro
Absolutely! In order to get you started with Cloud Services and see how valuable it will be, the first two systems your business registers can be monitored for the life of those outdoor units at no charge. We're convinced you'll see how valuable this service is and want to invite more customers.
By seeing how your customers' systems are used and how they are performing, you can increase the value of the service you provide by recommending equipment upgrades, accessories, and services.

You can also help your company stand out by offering higher levels of service than your competition, as well as build closer relationships with your customers.
All the equipment and systems that are compatible with the Daikin One+ thermostat can be monitored with Cloud Services (with customer authorization).

Homeowners will appreciate the peace of mind they get from knowing that you can check system status 24/7/365, and in many cases, make system adjustments remotely, providing them with "contactless service."

Daikin has provided a customer invitation email that includes homeowner benefits, within the Cloud Services portal, that can be customized with your company's logo and name to offer a more personalized invitation.
The customer is in control and decides the level of access and control to give to their contractor. We also use reasonalbe administrative, physical, and technological security measure to safeguard your company and customer information against theft or other unauthorized access, user, or modification. And we require relevant third parties to, through contacts, do the same. The security measure we use are designed to provide a level of security appropirate to that information. See our Privacy Policy
To let you take Cloud Services for a "test drive", you may invite your first two customers to sign up at no charge.

Once you agree that Cloud Services is a valuable service to resell to your customers, you may invite additional customers by purchasing customer registration via Warranty Express through PartnerLink. Once purchased, you may monitor that system for the life of the outdoor unit!

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The intent of Daikin One Cloud Services is to help DCPs grow their business in several ways, including building loyalty between the homeowner and the DCP. From time-to-time Daikin may send emails to the homeowner, communicating new Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat features that we introduce to improve their user experience with the app and Smart Thermostat. These emails will always encourage the homeowner to contact their DCP directly with questions, concerns, or for assistance.
The Homeowner can easily choose “unsubscribe” as an option at the bottom of emails which Daikin sends and they will no longer receive emails from Daikin.
Any data collected requires homeowner approval within the terms and conditions listed in the app and on our websites. The only data that is collected is about Daikin HVAC system performance and usage, there is no tracking or monitoring of homeowners’ behavior other than system settings. This data is shared with the DCP through our Daikin One Cloud Services portal and app if the homeowner agrees. The data may also be consolidated for analysis by Daikin to improve system design and performance.
Daikin will not sell this data to any third party.
No. The Daikin One Plus Smart thermostat does not contain any audio or video sensors, specifically no microphones and cameras. In the future, motion or occupancy sensors may be added to improve system control and comfort in the home.
Talk to your Daikin sales representative to learn more.
For support call 1-855-DAIKIN1 and select option 1