Daikin One Cloud Services

Cloud connected equipment and solutions enable you to manage all of your customer's systems in one place.

Daikin One Cloud Services is a platform that enables Daikin dealers to take their installations and service to the next level.

Leveraging cloud connected equipment the Daikin cloud notifies Daikin dealers of installed equipment’s maintenance and service needs, provides tools such as Cloud Commissioning for quality installation verification, and access to system performance charts.

With homeowners’ permission, Daikin dealers can view their customers’ historical system performance and data from the day of install onward, including temperature, humidity, demand, and air flow (equipment dependent).

Daikin One Cloud Services can increase homeowner satisfaction and peace of mind, by providing verification of a quality installation and a more efficient and seamless service and maintenance process which reduces unpaid visits and warranty claims.


Connected through the cloud

Daikin One Cloud Services combines a cloud-based web portal and mobile app that puts the power of data into your hands, 
allowing you to provide your customers with higher levels of service and greater peace of mind than ever before

Your customers will appreciate the peace of mind they get from knowing that you are able to keep their systems
running efficiently without intruding on their home or lifestyle.



    How it works

    The Dashboard provides you with all your customers, systems, reminders, and alerts in one place, giving you quick access to your most important asset, your customer base.




    How it works

    Service reminders reduce down time in shoulder season, and improve your customers' experience when demand service is needed. This allows Daikin dealers to shift maintenance from peak seasons to shoulder season, optimizing labor throughout the year.




    How it works

    On the thermostat detail screen, you can see all thermostat screens and data and if approved by your customer, you can adjust all these settings remotely.




    How it works

    Performance charts provide data on set-points, indoor and outdoor temperatures, indoor and outdoor humidities, as well as cooling and heating demands and run-times. You can view this data over any 24 hour period, or for any seven-day period.




    How it works

    Clicking on an alert allows you to see the alert in detail, error codes are date and time stamped, provide real-time status, possible causes, corrective actions for all error codes. Critical errors are pushed out to dealers if/when they occur and are accessible from web portal and mobile app.




    How it works

    Cloud Commissioning reports provide verifiable details on installations, elevating consumer experience, installer capabilities, and dealer peace of mind that EVERY install is done properly.

    Watch video to learn more



    How it works

    Home Sold: It’s not just about today, but tomorrow. Stay in contact with your customers and installed systems. Maintain relationships with existing customers who move, and connect with potential new customers.



For additional support please email daikinone.support@daikincomfort.com, or call 1-855-DAIKIN1, Option 7.

Why would I want to use Daikin One Cloud Services?

Daikin One Cloud Services is a platform for connected HVAC equipment that is provided to Daikin dealers by the worlds largest and most innovative manufacturer. This platform allows equipment to report out on installation, notify Daikin dealers of maintenance needed, and in the case of a failure provide an alert to Daikin dealers and homeowners. Providing feedback in real-time allows dealers to see system needs from the day of install through the systems functional life, enabling dealers to optimize performance, and avoid unwanted downtime.

How do I get started with Daikin One Cloud Services?

There is no charge or obligation for current Daikin dealers to register to provide Daikin One Cloud Services to their customers. Simply follow the instructions to set up your account in Cloud Services if you are already a Daikin dealer.

If you are not yet a Daikin dealer, join one of our programs now. Become a Pro

How does Cloud Services increase customer loyalty and help me grow my business?

Daikin One Cloud Services can help Daikin dealers provide a higher level of service than homeowners expect from HVAC contractors. Cloud Services can provide verification of system installation, notifications of system needs, and alerts if errors ever occur with a system. Daikin dealers utilizing Daikin One Cloud Services can take action more quickly than dealers not utilizing, ensuring their customers stay comfortable yearround.

What equipment can be monitored with Cloud Services?

All the equipment and systems that are compatible with the Daikin One+ thermostat can be monitored with Cloud Services (with customer authorization).

How secure is my company's and my customers' data?

The customer (Homeowner) is in control and decides the level of access and control to give to their contractor. We also use reasonable administrative, physical, and technological security measures to safeguard your company and customer information against theft or other unauthorized access, user, or modification. And we require relevant third parties to, through contacts, do the same. The security measures we use are designed to provide a level of security appropriate to that information.

See our Privacy Policy

Is there a cost for Cloud Services?

Year-1 of Daikin One Cloud Services is included with the purchase of all qualifying equipment ensuring Daikin dealers have access to proper start-up and commissioning as part of the Daikin experience. Providing homeowners peace of mind that a their connected systems performance is visible to the Daikin Cloud, and monitored to ensure optimal system performance. Licenses for year-2 and beyond can be purchased for a nominal fee. Contact your Daikin Territory Sales Person for details.

Will Daikin be marketing directly to homeowners? Is Daikin trying to take the DCP’s customers?

The intent of Daikin One Cloud Services is to help DCPs grow their business in several ways, including building loyalty between the homeowner and the DCP. From time-to-time Daikin may send emails to the homeowner, communicating new Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat features that we introduce to improve their user experience with the app and Smart Thermostat. These emails will always encourage the homeowner to contact their DCP directly with questions, concerns, or for assistance.

Does the homeowner have an option to "opt-out" of any direct-to-consumer marketing?

The Homeowner can easily choose “unsubscribe” as an option at the bottom of emails which Daikin sends and they will no longer receive emails from Daikin.

What data is Daikin collecting and what is it used for?

Any data collected requires homeowner approval within the terms and conditions listed in the app and on our websites. The only data that is collected is about Daikin HVAC system performance and usage, there is no tracking or monitoring of homeowners’ behavior other than system settings. This data is shared with the DCP through our Daikin One Cloud Services portal and app if the homeowner agrees. The data may also be consolidated for analysis by Daikin to improve system design and performance.

Will my data be sold?

Daikin will not sell this data to any third party.

Is my thermostat listening to me or tracking me (like Alexa or Nest)?

No. The Daikin One Plus Smart thermostat does not contain any audio or video sensors, specifically no microphones and cameras. In the future, motion or occupancy sensors may be added to improve system control and comfort in the home.


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